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Nicotinamide riboside chloride
    Product Name Nicotinamide riboside chloride
    Product No GIHI-65
    Formula C11H15ClN2O5
    CAS NO 23111-00-4
    Molecular Weight 290.7002
    Picture 201808141610175218719

    Product Quality

    No Item Specification
    1 Appearance Off White to Pale Yellow Solid
    2 Water 0.5% max
    3 Storage Store at room temperature
    4 Instruction vitamin derivatives important application in preventing stem cell aging and maintaining stem cell functionnicotinamide riboside (nr) is a pyridine-nucleoside form of vitamin b3 that functions as a precursor to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or was first described in 1944 as a growth factor, termed factor v, for haemophilus influenza, a bacterium that lives in and depends on blood. factor v, purified from blood was shown to exist in three forms: nad+, nmn and nr. nr was the compound that led to the most rapid growth of this bacterium. notably, h. influenza cannot grow on nicotinic acid, nicotinamide, tryptophan or aspartic acid, which were the previously known precursors of 2000, yeast sir2 was shown to be an nad+-dependent protein lysine deacetylase,which led several groups to probe yeast nad+ metabolism for genes and enzymes that might regulate lifespan. biosynthesis of nad+ in yeast was thought to flow exclusively through namn (nicotinic acid mononucleotidewhen nad+ synthase (glutamine-hydrolysing) was deleted from yeast cells, nr permitted yeast cells to grow. thus, these dartmouth college investigators proceeded to clone yeast and human nicotinamide riboside kinases and demonstrate the conversion of nr to nmn by nicotinamide riboside kinases in vitro and in vivo. they also demonstrated that nr is a natural product, a little-noticed vitamin found in cow's milk nr-cl is a salt form of nr,it's much more stable than nr, and it's could be used for further production.
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